The Time Keeper

In 1902 Edinburgh, a clockmaker is found dead inside a locked clocktower. When the clockmaker’s apprentice finds clues inside a seemingly unfixable watch, he races against time to discover the truth of his mentor’s death and a map to a miracle cure that can save a dying friend.

Bad Bot

Illustrated By: Vigg
Translated by: David Warriner

In this short horror novel for middle-grade readers, lonely Victor befriends his new toy robot, LenBot. But when LenBot starts learning more than Victor has taught it, Victor realizes his new friend might be dangerous.

Izzy Wong’s Nose for News

In this quirky middle-grade novel, Izzy Wong finds the perfect subject for her podcast—investigating the school bathroom flooding that caused damage to classrooms. But the deeper she gets into her reporting, the more she blurs the line between truth and gossip...and right and wrong.

Pages of Doom

Illustrated By: Andrew P. Barr

In this second installment in the Book of Screams series, we revisit the ongoing story of Tanya, who is trying to vanquish a sentient ink that steals people's dreams, and delve into other horrors in short-story form, such as a ray of sunshine that kills, a rabbit carcass that haunts a young boy, and a teddy bear that possesses its owner.

Crystal Cave

Illustrated By: Mike Deas

In this graphic novel for early middle readers, a young boy and his friends set off on a race against time to find a secret and powerful healing crystal when his grandfather becomes ill.

Mélie quelque part au milieu

Comment apprivoise-t-on un pe`re dont on ignorait l’existence, qui de´barque un beau jour d’un pays lointain et qui ne parle pas un mot de sa propre langue ? Mélie quelque part au milieu offre une lecture lumineuse traverse´e de zones grises, ou` on apprend que les choses qui en valent la peine ne sont pas toujours faciles.

Plague Thieves

The dying wish of Rose’s father is that she and her brother survive the plague rampaging through London in 1665. Armed with the last creation their father made in his apothecary, Rose and Lem hope to protect themselves against the sickness, but as word about the special oil blend spreads, they must also protect themselves against thieves.

Picture a Girl

In this middle-grade novel, Addie has to draw on all her resilience to look after herself and her little brother, Billy, when their mother, who struggles with depression and alcoholism, leaves unexpectedly.

Lo Simpson Starts a Revolution

In this middle-grade novel, Lo's best friend, Jazz, is ditching her for the popular crowd, makeup and boys. But when Lo finds new friends who share her love of comics and Doctor Who, she discovers her voice—and the confidence to speak up for what's right.

Spotting Dottie

In this high-interest accessible novel for middle-grade readers, fourteen-year-old Charlotte wants to use her new drone to prove that Dottie, the elusive lake monster of Dorothy Lake, really exists.

Blue to the Sky

Multiple food allergies destroy 12-year-old Ella’s confidence, especially when it comes to public speaking. She plans to conquer her fear by participating in a CN Tower climb and reading her poetry when she gets to the top.

Two Pieces of Chocolate

Illustrated By: Gabrielle Grimard

In 1945, Francine and her maman are sent to the Bergen-Belsen Nazi prison camp. Life is gray and hopeless, but Maman has two secret pieces of chocolate that give them both hope. When Francine meets Hélène, a fellow prisoner who must hide her pregnancy, Francine realizes she may be able to help.

Bird Brain

Even though Arden always wanted a pet, taking care of her uncle's parrot, Ludwig, was NOT what she had in mind. But as Arden gets to know Ludwig, she realizes he is not only incredibly smart but loyal—and the best pet she could have asked for.

Call Me Al

In this middle-grade novel, eighth-grade student Ali Khan finds that writing poetry—first about his crush, then about what it means to be an immigrant and the anti-Muslim racism around him—helps him discover who he truly is.

The Case of the Pilfered Pin

Windy Lake First Nation has long been shared with cottagers, but now everyone’s arguing over who really owns the land. When the Mighty Muskrats learn that a stolen surveyor’s pin could solve the conflict, the four cousins make it their mission to find it and prove that the land belongs to their people!

The Club

Star trumpet player Jaxson gets a duet partner, Liv, who has more in common with Jax than his best friend, his first girlfriend, or even his mom. Both the only child of single mothers, Jaxson and Liv soon learn they share something that makes them rethink the meaning of “family.”

Leon Levels Up

In this high-interest accessible novel for middle-grade readers, twelve-year-old gamer Leon is shocked when the cool kid invites him to test out a not-yet-released virtual-reality video game. When a glitch puts them in real-life danger, Leon must battle a dragon to save them both.

Cosplay Crime

In this high-interest accessible novel for middle-grade readers, shy thirteen-year-old Bree Wong must channel her inner anime heroine to solve a crime at the Anime Expo.