In this graphic novel for middle readers, everyone in eleven-year-old Leah’s family is affected by her father’s PTSD.

Hermit Hill

Illustrated By: Mike Deas

In this graphic novel for early middle readers, the youngest member of a ragtag crew of kids feels left out of a big project and finds himself a group of magical moon creatures to lord over.

Power Play

Illustrated By: Mike Deas

At the Summit of World Leaders, Devin and Nadia end up in a fight against some of the most powerful people in the world. Amid murder and multinational mayhem, they are in over their heads trying to unravel a global conspiracy.

Food Fight

Illustrated By: Mike Deas

Stuck at summer camp while their mother works on an agricultural research project, Devin and Nadia stumble upon a conspiracy involving genetically modified food and unscrupulous scientists.

Soccer Sabotage

Illustrated By: Mike Deas

In graphic novel format, Devin and Nadia try to solve the mystery of who is sabotaging the team's chances to win the national soccer tournament. Includes soccer techniques and tips.