Copyright and Permissions


Copyright is a complicated and nuanced topic. Here at Orca, we fundamentally believe that the people involved in making our important books deserve to be compensated for their vision and work. First and foremost, this means the authors and illustrators. But it also includes a community of contributors: editors, designers, expert readers, indexers, proofreaders, photographers and others who bring their dedication to making informative and entertaining books for young readers. The people who make our books are committed to young readers, just as we know you are.

At Orca, we want our books to be read by as many people as possible. This means making books with content that appeals to a broad and diverse audience. It means creating content that makes our readers laugh and learn, entertains them and instills a love of story. It means printing our books in formats that are pleasing to hold and with pages that little hands can turn. It means making ebooks for classrooms with smartboards and digital devices of all sizes. And it means making books with accessibility features for readers with disabilities.

Creating this content can only be done if our books are purchased. And it's our job at Orca to ensure all of the individuals involved in making our books are compensated for their contributions. We cannot do that unless the books we publish are paid for.

We understand the challenges, financial and otherwise, facing educators and readers. We consider those challenges in everything we do, and to that end, we make our books available in a range of formats and price points and on various platforms. We work to make our books more accessible every year both in print and digital formats. Our goal is to get our books into the hands of readers, regardless of socio-economic, geographic, cultural or other factors. 


Beyond libraries, bookstores and classrooms, there are many ways to incorporate Orca books into your programs, such as Story Walks and Read Aloud recordings. If you are an educator or librarian, we want to help you bring Orca stories to students and readers. When appropriate, Orca is pleased to grant a license for works to be read aloud, recorded and shared.

Read Aloud Permissions

Read Aloud permission requests must meet the following guidelines:

  • The organization must own a copy of the book being read aloud.
  • The recording will be used for educational and non‐commercial purposes only.
  • The recording will credit the author, illustrator and Orca Book Publishers.
  • The recording will be shared through the organization's password‐protected platform or within a closed group or password‐protected platform. (If this is not possible, uploading to YouTube is permitted if videos are marked unlisted.)
  • The recording will be deleted or disabled within 12 months. It may not be archived.

If your request meets the guidelines above, please complete our Read Aloud License Request form. We will provide you with guidelines and a license for use by email.

Story Walk Permissions

We appreciate the creative ways people can access stories. We also believe the content of the Story Walk has value and we will grant story walk permission if the following criteria are met and for the fee of $500 per location.

  • The Story Walk presentation is for non-commercial purposes only.
  • The organization must own a copy of the book.
  • The author, illustrator, and publisher must be credited on all print materials (at each station of the walk) and on promotional materials including social media.
  • The organization must provide a list of dates and locations where the Story Walk will be displayed.
  • The book will be presented in a manner in keeping with the book's appearance and spirit.

If you are interested in creating a Story Walk with an Orca book, please complete our Story Walk License Request form. We will contact you to complete your license. 

Thank you for your continued diligence in your students' education and for bringing Orca books into your homes and classrooms!

If your request does not meet the guidelines above, please email us at to discuss your needs.