Suddenly the Shadow Fell

When 17-year-old Leslie Meisels insisted that his mother and two brothers join a transport going who knows where, all he knew was that they had to get out of the terrible holding facility in Debrecen, Hungary.

If, By Miracle

"I didn't see anyone outside the pit, so I jumped out. . . I had the feeling that my mother was running beside me and calling out to me, 'Michael, run faster and don’t look back!'"

Gatehouse To Hell

"I was stubborn. I didn't want to stay in Auschwitz. I didn't want to go to the gas chambers. I didn't want to be cremated. I didn't want to die there, and I kept pushing back."

If Home Is Not Here

"I dove into the frigid river, the sudden shock leaving me gasping. By the time that I was two-thirds across the river, my strength was fading . . . Somehow, I managed to reach the shore—the unoccupied zone of France and my entry into freedom."

Little Girl Lost

"The more we felt the Germans' heavy boots in our lives, the more I knew I had to leave . . . but I was scared. Where was I going to go? What would I live on?"

From Generation to Generation

"The mountains were almost 3,000 metres high . . . We had to climb to the peaks, where it was frozen and slippery. One single misstep could mean certain death."

A Drastic Turn of Destiny

"n Germany I was 'Jewboy'; in Brussels I was 'boche'; in France I was 'undesirable'; in Portugal I was a 'refugee'; and in Jamaica I was simply a non-entity . . . I was a pariah in an exploding world."

Album Of My Life

"I am the daughter of nobody. I have no sisters. I am nobody's granddaughter or daughter-in-law, aunt or cousin. Who am I? My past is all gone. It disappeared . . . "

Under the Yellow & Red Stars

"I feel my brother's hand, trembling but strong, grab onto mine. I hear his words, urging me to run, take hold of my body and move my legs. We run, his hand holding mine . . . to me it feels like freedom."

E/96: Fate Undecided

"'Don't move. Don't open the door.' My knees had turned to jelly and I was trembling uncontrollably. Sina grabbed her raincoat and declared, 'I'm leaving. They'll be back and I don't want to end up in a camp.'"

The Violin/A Child's Testimony

Rachel Milbauer, a vivacious and outgoing music lover, lay hidden and silent with her family and a family friend in an underground bunker in Nazi-occupied Poland for nearly two years.

Spring's End

A young boy who loved soccer as much as he loved to write, Spring's End tells how John Freund's joyful childhood is shattered by the German invasion of his homeland, Czechoslovakia.