A Drastic Turn of Destiny

  • Pages:96
  • Publisher:The Azrieli Foundation
  • Series: The Azrieli Series of Holocaust Survivor Memoirs
  • Themes:Jewish, hiding, Nazi, WWII, concentration camp
  • Available:06/01/2009
  • Age Groups:Adult Nonfiction
Fred Mann's compelling memoir is at once the nerve-wracking account of his family's efforts to stay one step ahead of the Nazi death machinery and the captivating story of one boy's rapid entry into manhood. Using the biblical theme of Exodus to give shape to his story, Fred Mann traces his family's exile through Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Jamaica and finally to a new home in Canada. It is both a story of persecution and exile and the narrative of a boy who found himself taking on adult responsibilities while only beginning to explore the adult world. Proud as he is of his success in helping his family in a time of desperate need, Fred Mann's story is also a lament for a lost childhood, for having to grow up far too fast.