Ins and Outs

Illustrated By: Salini Perera

This playful picture book, consisting of only the words in and out, starts with simple examples, such as a cat moving from inside to outside, and moves on to more creative interpretations, including a child's bare hand on a winter day ("out") being enveloped in their caregiver's mitt ("in”).

Kenzie's Little Tree

Illustrated By: Emilie Leduc

In this contemplative picture book, Kenzie's mom doesn't always feel well, but Kenzie learns that she is strong—just like the little tree they plant in their yard—and that together, they can get through the hard times.


Illustrated By: Mercè Galí
Translated by: Lawrence Schimel

In this nonfiction picture book, learn about a diverse group of animal parents and babies, from alpine salamanders to polar bears, scorpions to walruses, in simple, kid-friendly language paired with vibrant illustrations.

No Huddles for Heloise

Illustrated By: Udayana Lugo

In this humorous picture book, Heloise the penguin doesn't like huddling with her friends (it gives her the collywobbles), so she sets off to find others like her but discovers there's no place like home—especially when your friends support you.

Ce que Samuel sait

Illustrated By: Elena Comte

Samuel et son grand-père se rendent au parc par une journée de printemps. Papichou laisse Samuel décider ce qu’il veut porter, dans quelle direction aller et enfin, quelles fleurs rapporter à Mamichou.

Cheat Code

In this high-interest accessible novel for teen readers, high school senior Max gets blackmailed into corporate sabotage by the superintelligent AI he uses to cheat on an essay.

Finding Harmony

In this middle-grade novel, Harmony moves back home with her mom after being in a foster home, but her mom hasn't dealt with her addiction issues and Harmony feels like she's the only one keeping her and her mom together.

The Friendship Guide

In this sweet picture book, respected child psychologist Jillian Roberts outlines the key building blocks of being a good friend. From welcoming newcomers to being patient and kind, this book will help set up readers for a lifetime of wonderful friendships.

Ghost Queen

In this high-interest accessible novel for teen readers, teen vlogger Malika and her boyfriend risk spending the night in a haunted fort in the hopes of meeting the famous ghost of a cursed Indian princess.

Great Apes

This nonfiction book introduces middle grade readers to great apes, including chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans and bonobos. Featuring photos throughout, it explores great ape habitats, biology, threats to survival and how conservationists, scientists and young people are working to protect them.

Nevin Knows

Illustrated By: Elena Comte

In this sweet picture book, Nevin and Grandpa Frank are going to the park on a spring day, and Grandpa lets Nevin lead the way, from choosing what shoes to wear and which direction to walk in to deciding where to play and, finally, which flowers to bring home for Nana.

Octopus Ocean

Part of the nonfiction Orca Wild series for middle-grade readers and illustrated with color photographs throughout, this book introduces kids to octopuses all over the world. It discusses octopus habitat, biology and threats to survival, and how scientists, conservationists and young people are working to protect octopuses everywhere.

Our Plastic Problem

Part of the nonfiction Orca Footprints series for middle-grade readers and illustrated with color photographs throughout, this book explores the history and uses of plastic and the resulting environmental problems.

Runaway Blanket

Illustrated By: Mike Deas

In this adorable board book, a toddler is told it's time for bed, but he's not ready yet—because he saw his blanket packing up a bag…and climbing over the garden gate…and running down the road! Luckily, the child catches his blankie just in time for a cozy goodnight snuggle.