Reg Takes a Trip

Illustrated By: Emma Martin

Join Black Bear Reg as he learns to co-regulate his emotions. Reg Takes a Trip, the latest in this series of Tales for Big Feelings, uses the five senses to guide reluctant young sleepers into dreamland.

The Secret Office

Illustrated By: Alyssa Hutchings

In this illustrated chapter book, twins Henry and Allie buy their mom a pair of headphones for her work-from-home meetings, but they soon discover something much better: an empty room in the basement that they can fix up just for her.

SOS Agua

By: Yayo

¿Se puede encontrar un hogar para Rosa, el pez dorado, en algún lugar del mundo asfixiado por la contaminación plástica?


By: Yayo

Peut-on trouver un foyer pour Rosa le poisson rouge n'importe où dans un monde étouffé par la pollution plastique ?

SOS Water

By: Yayo

Can a home for Rosa the Goldfish be found anywhere in a world smothered by plastic pollution?

The Day Dancer Flew

Illustrated By: Brittany Lane

In this beautiful picture book inspired by a true story, flooding forces a child and their family to flee their farm without their beloved horse, Dancer. But the child won't give up on Dancer and finds helpers in the community who get Dancer airlifted to safety.

The Pie Reports

Despite living an ocean apart, a child connects with her grandfather over a shared love of pie and learns to hold space for him through his progressive illness.

Crow Helps a Friend

In this picture book featuring Coast Salish art and Traditional Storytelling techniques, a wood duck and a crow turn a mistake into an opportunity for friendship and growth.