Runaway Blanket

  • Illustrated By: Mike Deas
  • Pages:22
  • Publisher:Orca Book Publishers
  • Themes:bedtime, toddler, extended family, security blanket, blankie
  • Available:02/11/2025
Board Book

Nighttime is coming, and Mama says it’s time for bed. “I can’t,” the child explains. “My blanket ran away. I saw it scrambling down the stairs.”

As each family member, from Auntie to the family dog, tries to get the toddler to go to bed, he tells them about the blanket’s journey. It’s packing up a bag, wriggling through the window and climbing over the garden gate! After leading a merry chase down the road, the blanket needs a rest. Maybe it's finally ready for bed...for tonight, at least.