When Stars Arise

  • Illustrated By: Martyna Czub
  • Pages:22
  • Publisher:Orca Book Publishers
  • Themes:bedtime routine, animals at night, books for babies and toddlers, reverse psychology, goodnight story
  • Pub Date:04/11/2023
Board Book

Parents and children will enjoy winding down and snuggling into this slow, tender journey to bedtime.

The world grows restful, but don’t sleep yet, wait until the grassy meadow is quiet and the forest creatures are hidden away. Until the farm animals are snug in the barn and the toys are tidied in their proper spots. Until the bath warms your toes and the blanket tucks you in tightly. Only when we finish our story and the stars are in the sky is it time to sleep.

Calming, lyrical rhythms, pleasing repetition and dreamy watercolors make When Stars Arise a gentle lullaby that reinforces the bedtime routine.