Kenzie's Little Tree

Illustrated By: Emilie Leduc

In this contemplative picture book, Kenzie's mom doesn't always feel well, but Kenzie learns that she is strong—just like the little tree they plant in their yard—and that together, they can get through the hard times.

No Huddles for Heloise

Illustrated By: Udayana Lugo

In this humorous picture book, Heloise the penguin doesn't like huddling with her friends (it gives her the collywobbles), so she sets off to find others like her but discovers there's no place like home—especially when your friends support you.

Nevin Knows

Illustrated By: Elena Comte

In this sweet picture book, Nevin and Grandpa Frank are going to the park on a spring day, and Grandpa lets Nevin lead the way, from choosing what shoes to wear and which direction to walk in to deciding where to play and, finally, which flowers to bring home for Nana.

Runaway Blanket

Illustrated By: Mike Deas

In this adorable board book, a toddler is told it's time for bed, but he's not ready yet—because he saw his blanket packing up a bag…and climbing over the garden gate…and running down the road! Luckily, the child catches his blankie just in time for a cozy goodnight snuggle.

Good Boy Timmy

Brought to life through Eugenie Fernandes’ playful illustrations and Eric Walters’ rhythmic storytelling, Timmy is a good dog who dreams about acting out and making a mess. But at the end of the day, his love for his family helps him realize that it’s good to be good.

Sally's Snow Day

Illustrated By: Dawn Lo

In this playful picture book, Sally the dog gets dressed in her boots and coat to head out to the park on a winter's day. There are other pups to play with and even snowdogs to sniff before she heads home for a nap.

Hummingbird / Aamo-binashee

Translated by: Norman Chartrand

In this dual-language picture book in English and Anishinaabemowin, a child is chased by Windigo, who preys on isolation and insecurity. But Kokum calls to the child with a message of hope, and a hummingbird arrives with teachings of love and resilience.

Making the Moment

By (photographer): Daniel Lastres

Diva is about to walk her first ball, and she is feeling nervous and excited! With the help of friends, icons, and legends from House of Siriano and the Toronto ballroom community, Diva calms her nerves, collects her courage, and claims her 10s.

Homeward Bound

From the state of Pennsylvania to his new home in Toronto, Ontario, Easton and his “fur-mom” get acquainted! This heart-warming story introduces us to Easton on the first of his many adventures, and part of the profit of each title sold goes back into organizations that help rescue dogs find their forever homes.

Barefoot Skateboarders

Illustrated By: Sophie Casson

In this nonfiction picture book, the tiny village of Janwaar in Madhya Pradesh, India, gets a new skatepark, which inspires Ramkesh and all the local kids to learn how to skateboard, putting them on the map and uniting their community.

What Inspires

Illustrated By: Ellen Rooney

In this buoyant picture book, three friends go to the park and their creativity spreads to everyone around them, into dance, chalk drawings, dramatic play and, when the day is over, inspirational dreams.

Have You Ever Heard a Whale Exhale?

In this splash of a tale, author Caroline Woodward and illustrator Claire Watson take the reader on an exploratory journey through the senses! From sun-warmed rocks to crackling campfires, this is one book that leaps with the dolphins and barks with the sea lions.

Reg Takes a Trip

Join Black Bear Reg as he learns to co-regulate his emotions. Reg Takes a Trip, the latest in this series of Tales for Big Feelings, uses the five senses to guide reluctant young sleepers into dreamland.