Stanley Kipling

Elder Stanley Kipling, Dip FNCW, BSW, MSW, RSW, is a proud First Nation individual. He is the director of Indigenous Partnerships and Services at the Canadian Mental Health Association. Stan has extensive experience in areas related to Indigenous diversity, healthcare issues in Indigenous populations, improving Indigenous cultural awareness, spiritual care, suicide prevention, addictions, anger management, family violence prevention, life skills, and personal development. Stan was raised on the trap line, hunting, commercial fishing, and living on the land. Stan is also a Sun Dancer and pipe carrier, a traditional harvester of animals and plants, and has held Sweat Lodges.

Books by Stanley Kipling

Teaching can be a highly satisfying profession, but it can also be overwhelming. Through stories by diverse educators, this professional resource invites you to try different wellness strategies, explore varying perspectives, and consider new ideas of what it means to “be well.”