Those Who Run in the Sky

A coming-of-age story that follows a young shaman named Pitu as he learns to use his powers and ultimately finds himself lost in the world of the spirits.

When Morning Comes

This gripping love story for teen readers is set in South Africa in 1976. Written from the points of view of four young people living in Johannesburg and its black township, this book explores the roots of the Soweto Uprising and the edifice of Apartheid in a South Africa about to explode.

The People of the Sea

When Donald and his friends are playing in the water, they encounter a mermaid, one of the creatures his Elders have told him about.

Ukaliq and Kalla Go Fishing

When the two very different friends head out for a day of fishing, Ukaliq can barely wait to get his line in the water, but his eagerness to catch a fish may just leave him empty handed in the end

Animals Illustrated: Muskox

Illustrated By: Kagan McLeod

In this book, kids will learn how Muskoxen raise their babies, what they eat and how they forage, where they can be found, and other interesting information, like the many fascinating adaptations they exhibit that allow them to live in colder habitats than most other animals!

The Owl and the Lemming

As Owl blocks the entrance to a lemming den, he’s sure he’ll have a tasty meal in the little animal. But this smart rodent will appeal to the boastful owl's sense of pride to get away.