Phoenix Gets Greater


Phoenix loves to play with dolls and marvel at pretty fabrics. Most of all, he loves to dance—ballet, Pow Wow dancing, or just swirling and twirling around his house. Sometimes Phoenix gets picked on and he struggles with feeling different, but his mom and brother are proud of him. With their help, Phoenix learns about Two Spirit/Niizh Manidoowag people in Anishinaabe culture and just how special he is.

Based on the childhood experiences of her son, Phoenix, Marty Wilson-Trudeau demonstrates the difference that a loving and supportive family can make.

“In this personal-feeling family story, Wilson-Trudeau gives loving voice to the early experiences of her child Wilson, who also contributes… In saturated pinks and purples, Kyak-Monteith’s portrait-oriented art offers warmth to an individual narrative about acceptance, authenticity, and identity.”

– Publishers Weekly

"In a beautiful affirming story, Marty Wilson-Trudeau with Phoenix Wilson and Megan Kyak-Monteith share Phoenix’s story in Phoenix Gets Greater, showing readers that greatness comes from within."

– Storytime with Stephanie

"With bright, expressive illustrations, incorporating pinks, blues and purples, this picture book is drawn from real-life Phoenix’s childhood and co-written with his mother. Even though Phoenix’s story is deeply personal, the themes of embracing who you are and the meaningfulness of a family’s unconditional love will resonate widely."

– Booklist
CBC Books Best Canadian Kids & YA Books   | 2022  |  Commended