Made 4 You

  • Pages:288
  • Publisher:Cormorant Books
  • Themes:teen life, experiment, neuroscience, DNA, high school
  • Pub Date:09/20/2022

Becky Lawrence lives in a small Indiana town where nothing much ever happens. Padding her college applications with good grades and volunteer work — while also managing the boys’ basketball team and playing in the school band — is her main focus, so when her guidance counsellor asks her to show a new student around, she agrees. It’ll be great fodder for a reference letter.

But there’s something very different about the new student, Gene Newman. He’s been homeschooled his entire life and he’s as brilliant academically as he is socially awkward, uninformed, and unaware. Gene also proves to be a gifted saxophone player and makes the school band, and his rapidly developed basketball skills allow him to play for the school team. Embarrassingly, Becky suspected he’d never played the sax or basketball before, and just wanted to spend more time with her. But nobody could possibly learn new things that quickly … Right?

With Becky’s help, Gene also quickly develops his social skills and learns to fit in. He’s certainly different from anybody Becky has ever known. In fact, Gene is like nobody else. As they become closer, Gene confides in Becky that he has a secret. More than that, he is a secret. And, apparently, it’s a secret worth killing for.