Heroines, Rescuers, Rabbis, Spies

  • Pages:192
  • Publisher:Second Story Press
  • Themes:World War Two, Holocaust, Women as Heroes, Modern Heroines, Feminist Heroes, Female Partisans, Female Rabbi, Righteous Gentiles, Female Spies, Underground Resistance, Female Rescuers, Yad Vashem, Warsaw Ghetto, racism, rebellion, heroism, activism
  • Pub Date:10/18/2022

Discover nine ordinary women who took extraordinary measures to save lives during the Holocaust, resisting terror and torture while undercover or in hiding, in concentration camps, in forests, and in exile.

With compassion and admiration, author Sarah Silberstein Swartz paints portraits of women who stood up for themselves and others in dangerous times. Overlooked by history, they leapt from fear to action with bravery that deserves recognition.