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Sukaq and the Raven
By (author)s: Roy Goose, Kerry McCluskey   Illustrated by: Soyeon Kim
ISBN: 9781772274349
Publisher: Inhabit Media
Pages: 36
Price: $11.95
As Sukaq’s mother tells him the story of how the raven created the world, he is suddenly whisked away on the wings of the raven to ride along as the entire world is formed!
The Other Ones
By (author): Jamesie Fournier   Illustrated by: Jared Boggess
ISBN: 9781772274219
Publisher: Inhabit Media
Pages: 50
Price: $19.95

From debut Inuk author Jamesie Fournier come two chilling stories that blend elements of traditional Inuit mythology with the modern horror genre.

Akpa's Journey
By (author): Mia Pelletier   Illustrated by: Kagan McLeod
ISBN: 9781772274295
Publisher: Inhabit Media
Pages: 40
Price: $17.95

Akpa, a thick-billed murre, emerges from his egg, high on an Arctic cliff and learns that he must embark on a long migration before he is able to fly.

The Three Hunters
ISBN: 9781772274288
Publisher: Inhabit Media
Pages: 36
Price: $11.95

Three brothers get caught in a blizzard but manage to stay safe through hard work.

The Ugly Place
By (author): Laura Deal   Illustrated by: Emma Pedersen
ISBN: 9781772274325
Publisher: Inhabit Media
Pages: 28
Price: $17.95

A child makes their way along the Arctic shoreline on a dark day. Everything around them seems as ugly as their mood until the child closes their eyes and breathes. What they once saw as an ugly landscape is now wonderful and vibrant.

Inuunira: A Story of Survival
By (author): Brian Koonoo   Illustrated by: Ben Shannon
ISBN: 9781772274301
Publisher: Inhabit Media
Pages: 48
Price: $18.95

An inspiring survival story of strong will and hope. Brian Koonoo’s traditional knowledge, survival skills, and thoughts of reuniting with his family keep him alive to tell the tale.

Una Huna?: Ukpik Learns to Sew
By (author): Susan Aglukark   Illustrated by: Amiel Sandland, Rebecca Brook
ISBN: 9781772274332
Pages: 0
Price: $17.95
Tanna's Lemming
Illustrated by: Tamara Campeau
ISBN: 9781772274233
Publisher: Inhabit Media
Pages: 32
Price: $17.95

Based on the author’s own life experience of growing up in the Arctic and raising baby animals, this heartwarming story teaches young readers the value of hard work, helping, and caring.

Animals Illustrated: Ringed Seal
By (author): William Flaherty   Illustrated by: Sara Otterstatter
ISBN: 9781772273700
Publisher: Inhabit Media
Pages: 28
Price: $15.95

In this book, kids will learn what ringed seals eat, where they live, how they raise their babies, and other interesting facts, like how deep they can dive and how they are amazing diggers!

Managing Student Behavior
By (author): Marsha Costello
ISBN: 9781551383552
Publisher: Pembroke Publishers
Pages: 128
Price: $28.95
This practical book provides an in-depth understanding of student behavior, along with many effective, evidence-based strategies that support positive change. Although there is no one-size-fits-all answer, when these strategies are applied consistently they will have a profound effect on classroom behavior that will last.
Mathematizing Student Thinking
By (author): David Costello
ISBN: 9781551383569
Publisher: Pembroke Publishers
Pages: 160
Price: $28.95

Mathematizing Student Thinking outlines an approach to mathematics instruction that emphasizes making connections to the lived experiences of students. It supports teachers in providing students with problems that are meaningful, engaging, and purposeful and support students as independent, critical thinkers.

L'Atlas illustré
By (author): Andrew Brooks
ISBN: 9782764440902
Publisher: Québec Amérique
Pages: 128
Price: $24.95
Un atlas coloré et informatif
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