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What's the Difference?
By (author): Amanda Yuill
ISBN: 9781551383484
Publisher: Pembroke Publishers
Pages: 144
Price: $28.95
Find the unique strengths and skills in every student, and integrate teaching autistic students into everyday learning.
Better Reading Now
By (author): Larry Swartz
ISBN: 9781551383491
Publisher: Pembroke Publishers
Pages: 128
Price: $28.95
A grab-bag of ready-to-use strategies and activities to inspire students and nurture lifelong readers.
Making Math Stick
By (author): David Costello
ISBN: 9781551383507
Publisher: Pembroke Publishers
Pages: 144
Price: $28.95
How to teach and foster classroom learning experiences that will assist students in retaining and applying math concepts in the long term.
Sometimes Reading is Hard
By (author): Robin Bright
ISBN: 9781551383514
Publisher: Pembroke Publishers
Pages: 160
Price: $28.95
Cultivate the skills students need to succeed and find the motivation that will make them want to read.
Otter Lagoon Digital Class Set + License
By (author)s: Mike Deas, Nancy Deas
ISBN: 9781459832565
Pages: 0
Price: $59.99
In this graphic novel for early middle readers, a destructive sea serpent, the most feared Moon Creature in the Pacific Northwest, hunts Jenna after she steals one of its eggs. This is the second in the Sueño Bay series following Shadow Island.
The Disability Experience Digital Class Set + License
By (author): Hannalora Leavitt   Illustrated by: Belle Wuthrich
ISBN: 9781459832473
Pages: 0
Price: $94.99
This nonfiction book for teens provides a history of disability, describes types of disabilities and examines the challenges faced by people living with disabilities.
Design Like Nature Digital Class Set + License
ISBN: 9781459832312
Pages: 0
Price: $74.95
Part of the nonfiction Orca Footprints series for middle readers, in this book young readers discover innovations and inventions inspired by nature.
Finding Home Digital Class Set + License
By (author): Jen Sookfong Lee   Illustrated by: Drew Shannon
ISBN: 9781459832336
Pages: 0
Price: $94.95
A look at how human migration has changed the world. Part of the nonfiction Orca Think series for middle-grade readers, with photographs and illustrations throughout.
My Best Friend is Extinct Digital Class Set + License
By (author): Rebecca Wood Barrett   Illustrated by: Cornelia Li
ISBN: 9781459832367
Pages: 0
Price: $44.95
Ten-year-old Henry discovers a strange, wounded creature in the snow tunnels of his ski resort town.
A Perfect Likeness Digital Class Set + License
By (author): Richard Wagamese   Foreword by: Waubgeshig Rice
ISBN: 9781459832398
Pages: 0
Price: $74.95
This volume contains two novellas by Richard Wagamese, Him Standing and The Next Sure Thing. Both stories follow the lives of young artists who have dreams for a better future.
Riley Can't Stop Crying Digital Class Set + License
By (author): Stéphanie Boulay   Illustrated by: Agathe Bray-Bourret   Translated by: Charles Simard
ISBN: 9781459832411
Pages: 0
Price: $49.95
While his sister tries everything to help, a young boy isn’t sure why he can’t stop crying in this transitional picture book.
Toucania Digital Class Set + License
By (author)s: Marianne Ferrer, Valérie Picard   Translated by: Charles Simard
ISBN: 9781459832442
Pages: 0
Price: $49.95
In this transitional picture book, a young explorer has a chance to travel to a magical island inhabited by unusual creatures she’s only ever heard about in bedtime stories told to her by her grandfather.
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