In this high-interest accessible novel for middle readers, Laurel investigates a cheating scam at her high school.


In this high-interest accessible novel for teen readers, Jake is involved in a street-racing accident and struggles to do the right thing.

Pasture Bedtime

Illustrated By: Sabrina Gendron

In this partially illustrated early chapter book and the first book in the Charlie's Rules series, eleven-year-old Charlie tries his hardest to keep his life quiet and organized amid the chaos of life on the farm with his veterinarian mother.

Chinese New Year

Part of the nonfiction Orca Origins series, Chinese New Year is illustrated with color photographs throughout. Readers will learn how a simple gathering of family and friends grew into a weeklong, worldwide festival.

The Crosswood

In this high-interest, accessible novel for middle-grade readers, 14-year-old Blue Jasper must enter the enchanted Crosswood when his twin siblings are kidnapped by a Faerie king.


In this high-interest accessible novel for teen readers, sixteen-year-old Cam must find his way home to save his little brother when a tornado hits.