Carol Matas

Carol Matas is an internationally acclaimed author of over thirty-five novels for children and young adults. Her best-selling work, which includes three award-winning series, has been translated into Spanish, Japanese, Taiwanese, Turkish, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, German, French, Indonesian and Russian. Her work has won numerous awards, and has been twice nominated for a Governor General's Award. More information is available at /

Books by Carol Matas

Ben flees Nazi Germany only to find himself in a battle for his life and his soul.
In this gorgeously illustrated nonfiction picture book, a young girl and her baby sister explore the land around them while various animals and insects look on. The art reflects the world as viewed by the animals, along with the text explaining some science behind each animal's unique type of vision.
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In this high-interest accessible novel for middle-grade readers, thirteen-year-old Zevi uses his psychic abilities to save a famous actor’s life on a movie set.
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