Polestar Family Calendar 2025

Edited By: Ruth Porter

For more than thirty-five years, this award-winning agenda has proven indispensable for many thousands of busy families. It provides a flexible, spacious format for recording the entire family’s daily activities.

The Freezies

The Freezies, three eleven-year-olds conceive a risky scheme to bring the plight of their asylum-seeking traveller friend to the attention of the national media.

Powerful Thinking

Ready-to-use thinking strategies that helps student connect, question, visualize, inform, and transform their learning across the curriculum. Explicit, targeted lessons to foster literacy development and nudge student learning as students construct meaning, build knowledge, and think more deeply about content-area learning.

Plague Thieves

The dying wish of Rose’s father is that she and her brother survive the plague rampaging through London in 1665. Armed with the last creation their father made in his apothecary, Rose and Lem hope to protect themselves against the sickness, but as word about the special oil blend spreads, they must also protect themselves against thieves.

Giaci and Me

A mother’s story from the early days of her son’s Autism diagnosis through to the unusual, the exciting and the uplifting. A narrative of her most innermost thoughts, realizations and fears, this memoir serves as a much-needed resource to support parents of autistic children to be inspired, feel better and know they are not alone.

Love Notes to Grievers

Whether you lost a family member or a friend, Angela Morris lets grievers know that they have earned the quiet, private moments that they need to move through — not past — their grief. In a culture that demands us to be “better”, this book leaves the space for us to tend to our hearts as we deal with loss.

On the Edge of Being

The world that Afghan women inhabit in this memoir illuminates the split between body and voice — a split that has wrought a devastating impact on the women of Afghanistan. Sometimes painful and at other times shocking, the stories in On the Edge of Being are still hopeful.

A is for Anne

A story of identity, imagination and poise, A is for Anne will be enjoyed by all — from the very young to the eloquent Montgomery scholar.