In this high-interest accessible novel for middle readers, Keegan finds himself in serious danger while investigating a series of thefts at a ski resort.


A school field trip to a heritage farm turns dangerous when an escaped convict appears on the scene.


When a compromising video of Lindsay at a party goes viral, Mike must find a way to protect her, even though they aren't friends anymore.

On the Rocks

In this high-interest novel for middle readers, fourteen-year-old Dylan, sent to live on a remote island with his estranged grandfather, discovers a stranded orca.

Easy Street

In this high-interest novel for teen readers, Rob has mixed feelings about his brother, Adam, being released from prison.

The Ledge

In this high-interest novel for teen readers, sixteen-year-old Nick tries to adjust to his new reality after a surfing accident leaves him partially paralyzed.


Nick, a teenage Native American survival expert, needs to avoid being found by the outlaws in relentless pursuit of him. Can he stay safe until the odds are in his favor?

Blood Ties

In this work of crime fiction, country handyman Cedric O'Toole finds his life turned upside down when a stranger shows up claiming to be his brother.