Larry Gets Lost in Vancouver Activity Book

Illustrated By: John Skewes

Join Pete and his adorable pup, Larry, on a playful journey through the city of Vancouver! Packed with fun puzzles and activities, this vibrant full-color activity book covers Vancouver's most beloved landmarks, from the iconic Stanley Park to the towering Capilano Suspension Bridge.

Larry Gets Lost in Vancouver Puzzle

Illustrated By: John Skewes

Discover the Canadian city of Vancouver with this delightful 4-Puzzles-in-a-Box set! Based on the best-selling children's picture book series Larry Gets Lost, this set features four original puzzles, each showcasing iconic Vancouver landmarks.

Larry Loves Montreal!

Follow Pete and his adorable pup, Larry as they discover the different sites of beautiful Montreal. The second book in this series of children's Canadian travelogs is the perfect gift and souvenir from a trip to the highly touristic city in Quebec, Canada.

Larry Loves Vancouver

Just like the locals and visitors, Larry the pup loves the Gastown Steam Clock, Science World, Granville Island and many of the other sites and sounds of Vancouver. As he explores the city with his owner Pete, Larry rides a seabus, crosses the Capilano Suspension Bridge and visits the totem poles of Stanley Park.