James Bruchac

James Bruchac is a citizen of the Nulhegan Coosuk Band of the Abenaki Nation and director of the Ndakinna Education Center. He has a bachelor’s degree in American Studies from Skidmore College and is an award-winning author, traditional storyteller, and outdoor educator. James is a lifelong martial artist and is a black belt instructor in both Kyokushin karate and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. For more than three decades, James has traveled around the country visiting countless schools, storytelling festivals, and environmental centers. He has run hundreds of youth camps and shared stories, wilderness skills, and Native American games through Ndakinna Education Center. A skilled musician, James performs with his father, Joseph Bruchac, his aunt, Marge Bruchac, and his brother, Jesse, as part of The Dawnland Singers.

Books by James Bruchac

Gluskonba, an Abenaki hero, visits his human friends and finds disaster. The humans are taking advantage of the gift of maple syrup and have let their village go to ruin. Gluskonba teaches humans the importance of community and honoring gifts from the Creator.