Guardian Angel House

Guardian Angel House was a convent operated by the Sisters of Charity in Budapest that sheltered Jewish children during WWII; among them were author Kathy Clark’s mother and aunt.

Incredible Women Inventors

Written in an accessible, engaging, and informative style, Incredible Women Inventors examines both the challenges and successes in the lives of ten inspiring international women inventors.

Hiding Edith

Intensively researched and sensitively written, this book, illustrated with photographs and maps, both comforts and challenges a young reader's spirit, skillfully addressing both the horrors and hope that children experienced during the Holocaust.

The Underground Reporters

In a quiet village in Czechoslovakia, laws restricted the freedom of Jewish people during WWII. A small plot of land by the river was allocated to the village’s Jewish youth, and it was here that some brave young people decided to create a newspaper.

Bobbie Rosenfeld

A star before she even went on to be one of the first women to compete in the 1928 Olympics, Bobbie Rosenfeld may be Canada’s greatest female athlete of the twentieth century. But her popularity was due to more than athletic brilliance; she was admired for her honesty and sense of fair play.

The Night Spies

It is the middle of WWII; Gabi, her mother and her cousin, Max, go into hiding. Unable to stand their cramped hiding space, Gabi and Max go on secret walks and discover information that is useful to the anti-Nazi partisan soldiers camped out nearby.