Hana's Suitcase on Stage

  • Contributions by: Emil Sher
  • Pages:172
  • Publisher:Second Story Press
  • Series: The Holocaust Remembrance Series for Young Readers
  • Themes:Jewish children Holocaust, Holocaust mystery, Japanese Holocaust museum, Holocaust true story
  • Available:02/27/2006
  • Age Groups:Nonfiction Ages 9-12
In 2000 Fumiko, the curator of a small Holocaust education centre in Japan, received an empty suitcase owned by a young girl, Hana Brady, lost in the Holocaust. Fumiko was determined to find out the details of Hana's story. This edition contains the full script of the play adaptation by Emil Sher.

"Sher’s interpretation of the story will lead to much interesting discussion with the many fans of Levine’s book."

– Resource Links

"Hana’s Suitcase works as a play because it builds connections with its audience’s members."

– Toronto City Parent

"It's a strong testament to the forces that bring people together: imagination, curiosity and hope."

– NOW Toronto

"Writer Emil Sher has adapted the story faithfully for the stage."

– Toronto Star
A delicate and moving introduction to Holocaust themes for children.
– Globe and Mail

"This volume will serve as one of the most effective teaching models for Holocaust curriculums available."

Hana's Suitcase On Stage is the definitive version for those interested in reading this remarkable story for the first time. Containing both the original story, Hana's Suitcase, written by Karen Levine, and the play version by well-known playwright Emil Sher, this is a must-have for your keeper shelf.

Hana's Suitcase is the story (bestselling, I might add) of a suitcase that arrived at a children's Holocaust education center in Tokyo in March of 2000. Written in white paint on the outside of the suitcase was the name Hana Brady, the date of May 16, 1931, and the word Waisenkind, which is German for orphan.

Of course the children at the center immediately wondered who Hana was, where the suitcase came from, and who had sent it to them. It was up to the center's director, Fumiko Ishioka, to find the answers to those questions, and many more.

What follows is Mr. Ishioka's search, throughout Europe and North America, to find out any information he could about Hana Brady -- and that fateful suitcase.

In Emil Sher's play version, the story is the same, but brought vividly to life by his playwriting. Perfect either as a story to read or as inspiration for a school drama club, this is the play that you don't want to miss.

Kudos to such a great version: Hana's Suitcase On Stage is great!
– TeensReadToo.com
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