Our Rights

Ten biographies and accompanying portraits of children from around the world who have taken on the role of social activist.

Flee, Fly, Flown

Lillian and Audrey escape their nursing home with plans to drive to destinations west. Without minimizing the realities of old age, dementia, and frailty, their story is rich with laughter, adventure, and hope.

The Way Home

A pony called Lucky and a foster girl named Tory are both searching for a place called Home. This junior novel explores the importance of individual courage as well as the joy of belonging.

But Hope is Longer

A different breast cancer story—a survivor's account of how she straddled the worlds of mainstream and complementary medicine, and the team that helped her.

What Happened to Ivy

In David's family, life revolves around his disabled younger sister Ivy. David's feelings for her veer between love and resentment, patience and exasperation, until an accident forces him to confront his own guilt, the meaning of mercy, and what can be forgiven.

We Are Their Voice

A collection of writing and art from young people who were invited to share what the Holocaust means to them. Their contributions reveal that they find meaningful lessons in the past, and give us hope for a more peaceful and tolerant future.

A Long Way From Home

Thirteen-year-old Rabia and her family have fled Afghanistan and are on their way to America on the morning of 9/11, and when their plane is diverted to Newfoundland, their future is called into question.

Bernadette to the Rescue

Bernadette Inez O’Brian Schwartz is back with the Lunch Bunch in their third adventure. Bernadette finally gets the puppy she has been dreaming of for so long, the girls learn how to give back when they help raise money at a charity garage sale, and Bernadette indulges her love of science when the local frogs go missing.

Support the Girls

The women from a small community came up with the “Art Bra” project to raise funds to buy a mammogram machine for the local hospital. People far and wide responded, sending in their creations along with the stories behind them. With names like “Got Milk”, “Lucky Charms”, and “Cradles of Civilizations” they will make you laugh and touch your heart.

Bernadette in the Doghouse

Bernadette continues her adventures with Annie, Keisha, and Megan, aka "The Lunch Bunch". Things are great until Bernadette ignores her new friends in favor of spending time with her old friend Jasmine. She then has to prove to the Lunch Bunch that she values their friendship.

Emily Included

The true story of Emily Eaton. Born with severe cerebral palsy, Emily and her family had to fight for her right to go to school with non-disabled children in a regular classroom. Eventually victorious, Emily’s story makes her an amazing role model for children everywhere - whether they are living with a disability or not.