In this compelling fantasy, Hari and Pearl must discover the secrets of Deep Salt in order to rescue Hari's father Tarl. Their journey becomes far more than a quest of save Tarl - their world is on the brink of unspeakable horror.

Rough Magic

A magical island fights back against the humans who exploit it in this fantasy novel inspired by Shakespeare's The Tempest. "Enthralling" - Booklist.

Sister Wife

In their strict religious community, sisters Celeste and Nanette try to come to terms with plural marriage, family obedience and finding their own place in the world.

Res Judicata

Cyril MacIntyre is on the case again, working for his eccentric mother and giving new meaning to the term "legal aid" in this sequel to Quid Pro Quo.


A street kid and a small cat experience fear, hunger and pain in a dangerous subterranean world.