A Grain of Rice

A story about a young refugee's courage and inner strength as she escapes from Vietnam during the war.

Where I Belong

An adopted Native Canadian girl finds her birth father and the twin sister she never knew existed.


A young girl runs away from home and learns to live on the dangerous streets of a provincial city in Argentina.

The Runaway

This funny and endearing novel by award-winning novelist Glen Huser will make an absorbing read for fourteen- and fifteen-year-olds, boys and girls alike.

The Circle Cast

After Uter Pendragon kills her father, Morgan le Fay is exiled to Ireland where she learns the black arts of magic and sorcery.


Trying to get to grips with her own terrible secret, Roxy sets about unraveling the mysteries that enshroud her family history.


With purple hair and '90s retro clothes, Ash Perrault is a modern-day Cinderella, but she has a problem Cinderella didn't have—a dangerous problem that keeps getting worse.