The Runaway

  • Pages:147
  • Publisher:Tradewind Books
  • Themes:YA novel, historical fiction, theater, growing up, Middle Americal
  • Available:03/01/2012
  • Age Groups:Fiction Ages 12+

It's 1923 and Leroy is on the run from a couple of abusive cousins. He stumbles into a traveling Chautauqua show, where it's easy to get lost in a crowd—but also easy to lose your heart. This funny and endearing novel by Governor General's Award-winning novelist Glen Huser will make an absorbing read for fourteen- and fifteen-year-olds, boys and girls alike.

"Intrigue, romance and fun leaven this tale of a good-hearted runaway boy beginning to find his way in the world. This likable protagonist makes for a fine introduction to an era before movies and radio caused the Chautauqua to fade away."
– Kirkus Reviews
"Readers will find the story of the Chautauqua entertaining."
– School Library Journal
"This first-person account by a good-hearted hero is the perfect guide through a charming and little-known piece of Americana. The style is plainsong poetry, and the story both evocative and heartrending. Highly recommended."
– Historical Novel Society
"Huser's writing style is simple with a vocabulary that is interesting without being too challenging. This piece of historical fiction vividly captures 1920s America through the heartwarming story of a young man who has lost everything...I would definitely recommend this book to both middle school and high school aged teens."
– Southwest Ohio and Neighboring Libraries (SWON)
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