How People See

Canada in the 1990s. The approaching referendum on Quebec sovereignty is threatening to cleave the country in two, while a family struggles with the aftermath of a tragedy that changes their lives forever.


In Zalmon, every Life Event is pre-determined: where you’ll work, who you’ll marry, and when you’ll die. When his beloved little sister is assigned an imminent Death Date, seventeen-year-old Darius will stop at nothing to save her.

The Time Keeper

In 1902 Edinburgh, a clockmaker is found dead inside a locked clocktower. When the clockmaker’s apprentice finds clues inside a seemingly unfixable watch, he races against time to discover the truth of his mentor’s death and a map to a miracle cure that can save a dying friend.

Nothing Trivial

John Haney, one of the creators of the beloved board game Trivial Pursuit, walks us through his life — his hockey career, his time in Europe, his theatre career, and much more — and how it all led him to acquire the plethora of knowledge that later became the fodder for quality cutthroat game nights around the world.

Making the Moment

By (photographer): Daniel Lastres

Diva is about to walk her first ball, and she is feeling nervous and excited! With the help of friends, icons, and legends from House of Siriano and the Toronto ballroom community, Diva calms her nerves, collects her courage, and claims her 10s.

A Short History of British Columbia

This book explains BC’s early economic, territory and political developments and includes the struggle over borders, railways, tariffs, and schools. It goes on with the boom that preceded the First World War, the depression that followed, and such issues as scandals, prohibition, women’s suffrage, and the rise to power of the Social Credit.

As We Forgive Others

A woman vanishes from a café in a northern town and all the witnesses have different accounts. Local police officer Alice Morrow and former New York homicide detective Hugh Mercer, troubled by their own need for forgiveness and justice, uncover a bizarre crime.

White World

Zealots have implemented martial law in Pakistan, 2083 A.D. A rebel group promises civil war and a militia boss wants him dead. To Avaan, what matters is that his lover, once thought dead, is alive. But the only path to her is through the army, the rebels, and the mob.

Bridging the Reading Gap

A comprehensive series of lessons that address phonics, morphology, and vocabulary for teachers working with students in grades 4–8. With a wide range of learners in every classroom, engaging activities and carefully curated lists scaffold instruction for emergent to competent readers.

Larry Gets Lost in Vancouver Activity Book

Illustrated By: John Skewes

Join Pete and his adorable pup, Larry, on a playful journey through the city of Vancouver! Packed with fun puzzles and activities, this vibrant full-color activity book covers Vancouver's most beloved landmarks, from the iconic Stanley Park to the towering Capilano Suspension Bridge.

Larry Gets Lost in Vancouver Puzzle

Illustrated By: John Skewes

Discover the Canadian city of Vancouver with this delightful 4-Puzzles-in-a-Box set! Based on the best-selling children's picture book series Larry Gets Lost, this set features four original puzzles, each showcasing iconic Vancouver landmarks.

Chef AJ's Sweet Indulgence

By: Chef AJ
Contributions by: Glen Merzer

As delicious as their more traditional counterparts, these sugar- and gluten-free desserts are filled with nutrients rather than calorie-dense ingredients. These are desserts that you can not only enjoy eating but feel good about serving to family and friends.

Billy Buckhorn and the War of Worlds

In the exciting conclusion to the Thunder Child Prophecy Series, Billy Buckhorn must now use all his powers to achieve the hoped-for victory in the prophesied final showdown between the forces of good and the forces of evil that will determine the fate of the human race.