Huginn Þór Grétarsson

Huginn Þór Grétarsson was born in 1978 in Akureyri, Iceland. He studied economics and financial management and worked as a stockbroker. From an early age he was very creative, making his own games and books. As a young boy, he lived for two years in Denmark before returning to Iceland and settling in Reykjavik. He started writing children’s books about sharks and a powerful pizzaman for his younger brother. As a teenager he wrote poems, and when he started travelling around the world he kept a blog. In 2006 he published a travel journal about his trip to South America. Since then, he has written and translated more than 200 books, mostly for children and teenagers. He has also written a successful series of light-reading books. Every year, some of his books are reprinted to meet demand, and several have grown wings and flown abroad to new markets.

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