Joy Runs Deeper

“I kept asking myself, Was all my suffering worth it? Was it worth staying alive? Nobody was left—no family, no friends . . . Then I remembered that I had Josio and thanked God for that. We joined hands and started walking, ready to face the future."

As the Lilacs Bloomed

“The pen is shaking in my paralyzed hand as I write: I AM ALIVE! I am alive and it is May again. The lilacs are in bloom and I smell their sweet fragrance again. There was springtime last year as well, but we had no eyes for beauty. Our lips forgot how to smile, our hearts were shattered! And now I’m alive again!”

The First Principles of Dreaming

Mary-Eve Hamilton is a dutiful teenager whose life is ruled by her parents and their church, the Waiting for the Rapture End Times Tabernacle. All this changes when she befriends Dee Eccles, the eighteen-year-old pagan goddess of their high school, and Mary-Eve’s initiation into the mysteries of cigarettes, sex, and otherworldly glory begins.