Elvis, Me, and the Postcard Winter

Winter 1979. Twelve-year-old Truly has settled in with Andy El at Eagle Shores Trailer Park, but the peace of her new life is shattered when her mother unexpectedly returns after abandoning Truly the previous summer, asking for a second chance. Has her mother really changed? Can Truly ever forgive her?

How People See

Canada in the 1990s. The approaching referendum on Quebec sovereignty is threatening to cleave the country in two, while a family struggles with the aftermath of a tragedy that changes their lives forever.

The Science of Babies

Illustrated By: Frank Cable

This revolutionary, beautiful and fun picture book is a perfect way to start talking to kids early about reproduction, bodies, birth and families. It will allow parents to establish that this topic, like all others, is safe and healthy to ask and talk about.

Assessment in Action

This book provides an active and engaging approach to student-centred teaching and learning. Instruction and assessment are woven together seamlessly to inform planning and motivate learning.

An Unbalanced Force

Ethan’s father has been lying about taking “business trips,” using them as cover for a clandestine — and potentially illegal — operation. To catch a liar, Ethan must become a liar, but what if the truth can throw his whole life off balance?

Good Boy Timmy

Illustrated By: Eugenie Fernandes

Brought to life through Eugenie Fernandes’ playful illustrations and Eric Walters’ rhythmic storytelling, Timmy is a good dog who dreams about acting out and making a mess. But at the end of the day, his love for his family helps him realize that it’s good to be good.


In Zalmon, every Life Event is pre-determined: where you’ll work, who you’ll marry, and when you’ll die. When his beloved little sister is assigned an imminent Death Date, seventeen-year-old Darius will stop at nothing to save her.

The Time Keeper

In 1902 Edinburgh, a clockmaker is found dead inside a locked clocktower. When the clockmaker’s apprentice finds clues inside a seemingly unfixable watch, he races against time to discover the truth of his mentor’s death and a map to a miracle cure that can save a dying friend.

Sacred Thought

Mi’kmaq Elder George Paul takes the reader on a quest for deeper understanding. Guided by creation stories, the Medicine Wheel and M’ikmaq legends, George goes to the heart of traditional knowledge. Sacred Thought: Mi’kmaq Meditations for our Times offers balance and peace of mind amid the chaos governing the world today.

Nothing Trivial

John Haney, one of the creators of the beloved board game Trivial Pursuit, walks us through his life — his hockey career, his time in Europe, his theatre career, and much more — and how it all led him to acquire the plethora of knowledge that later became the fodder for quality cutthroat game nights around the world.

As We Forgive Others

A woman vanishes from a café in a northern town and all the witnesses have different accounts. Local police officer Alice Morrow and former New York homicide detective Hugh Mercer, troubled by their own need for forgiveness and justice, uncover a bizarre crime.

Making the Moment

By (photographer): Daniel Lastres

Diva is about to walk her first ball, and she is feeling nervous and excited! With the help of friends, icons, and legends from House of Siriano and the Toronto ballroom community, Diva calms her nerves, collects her courage, and claims her 10s.

Homeward Bound

Illustrated By: Izzy Bean

From the state of Pennsylvania to his new home in Toronto, Ontario, Easton and his “fur-mom” get acquainted! This heart-warming story introduces us to Easton on the first of his many adventures, and part of the profit of each title sold goes back into organizations that help rescue dogs find their forever homes.