Leyton Schnellert

Leyton Schnellert has been a classroom teacher and a learning resource teacher in grades K-12, and is now Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of British Columbia–Okanagan. Leyton’s research explores how our teaching practices that embrace student diversity, inclusive education, and self- and co-regulation can help build collaborative and responsive learning communities. He has co-authored six books for educators. Leyton lives in Kelowna, BC.

Books by Leyton Schnellert

All students can become active, independent, thoughtful readers. The structures and strategies in this book are proven to help students develop confidence and competence in their reading. Student engagement with text soars through participation in grand conversations with peers and reflecting on reading with thoughtful, written responses.

In One Without the Other: Stories of Unity Through Diversity and Inclusion, Shelley Moore explores the changing landscape of inclusive education.
Teaching strategies to meet the learning needs of all students in K–10 classrooms.