Billie and Bean in the City

  • Translated by: B.J. Woodstein
  • Pages:32
  • Publisher:Orca Book Publishers
  • Themes:adventure, resilience, dog walking, pet care, growth mindset
  • Pub Date:05/16/2023

Celebrating the supportive relationship between a child and her dog, this story gently introduces the resilience and bravery that come with the first steps toward independence.

Billie is reading quietly in her apartment while her mom does laundry downstairs. But her impatient dog Bean wants to go outside. Billie has taken Bean outside before when mom was watching, so she decides to try taking Bean out by herself—just around the block. Billie and Bean enjoy the vibrant city street, but after stopping to pick a flower in the park, Billie becomes disoriented by the tall buildings and can't remember the way back to their building. As Billie begins to worry, Bean tugs on the leash in encouragement and Billie discovers that she's braver than she thought she could be.