Literacy Instruction Matters

Many teachers feel ill-prepared to teach their students to read and write. This book empowers teachers with its overall approach and countless specific strategies, all grounded in research and strong pedagogy.

Assessment in Action

This book provides an active and engaging approach to student-centred teaching and learning. Instruction and assessment are woven together seamlessly to inform planning and motivate learning.

Bridging the Reading Gap

A comprehensive series of lessons that address phonics, morphology, and vocabulary for teachers working with students in grades 4–8. With a wide range of learners in every classroom, engaging activities and carefully curated lists scaffold instruction for emergent to competent readers.

Powerful Thinking

Ready-to-use thinking strategies that helps student connect, question, visualize, inform, and transform their learning across the curriculum. Explicit, targeted lessons to foster literacy development and nudge student learning as students construct meaning, build knowledge, and think more deeply about content-area learning.