Sam Swallow and the Riddleworld League

  • Illustrated By: Yayo
  • Pages:144
  • Publisher:Tradewind Books
  • Themes:chapter book, baseball, fantasy, riddles
  • Available:10/15/2013
  • Age Groups:Fiction Ages 9-12
All Sam Swallow wants is to join the Little League baseball team. But on the way to the park he stumbles, hits his head and falls into Riddleworld, a land where birds talk in puzzles and cats wait to pounce. Nothing is what it seems to be in Riddleworld. Sam himself has been transformed into a bird. To get back to this world, Sam needs to solve some difficult puzzles, make a few unlikely friends, and avoid the cats at all costs.
"Shulevitz, who has won many honours for his illustrations, has made this a beautiful book, with little text, but pictures that seem to glow with inner light."
– Winnipeg Free Press