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Our First Talk About Tragedy
Nonfiction Ages 6-8
Pages: 32
Themes: Global issues, terrorism, natural disaster, human-caused disaster, opportunity
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 04/Sep/2018
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On the News gently introduces young children to the realities of natural disasters, terrorism and other forms of tragedy. In age-appropriate language and tone, Dr. Roberts explains what tragedy is, the feelings it may create and how to manage those feelings. She also emphasizes the good that can come out of tragedy, looking at how people help one another in caring, compassionate and heroic ways. The book's question-and-answer format will help parents have a meaningful conversation about these difficult topics with their children and equip them to better handle questions that arise when children are exposed to the news.

The World Around Us series introduces children to complex cultural, social and environmental issues that they may encounter outside their homes, in a way that is accessible. Sidebars offer further reading for older children or care providers who have bigger questions. For younger children just starting to make these observations, the simple question-and-answer format of the main text will provide a foundation of knowledge on the subject matter.

CM Magazine
"An accessible, honest conversation starter that is a must-have purchase for all school and public library collections. Highly Recommended."
Kirkus Reviews
"Well-intentioned, ambitious and heartfelt."
School Library Connection
"This picture book fills a gap in how to address tragedy and disasters with young children…Terrorism and man-made disasters are addressed in a humanizing way. Emphasis is provided throughout on resilience and positivity."
"This book handles a sensitive topic with kindness, compassion, and empathy…A good beginning look at how to broach a complicated topic that's filled with positivity and hope."
School Library Journal
"A timely introduction to, and conversation starter on, tough current events for children. Hand to counselors and caregivers."
The Horn Book Online
“Purposeful but effective.”


OLA Best Bets Honourable Mention  | 2018 | Commended
Notable Social Studies Trade Books for Young People  | 2019 | Commended

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