Ins and Outs

  • Illustrated By: Salini Perera
  • Pages:32
  • Publisher:Orca Book Publishers
  • Themes:opposites, nearly wordless, simple concepts, funny, humorous
  • Available:03/11/2025
  • Lexile:NP

It’s all about ins and outs!

While a person sleeps inside, a cat climbs out of the open window. Next, a child sits on the swings outside in an empty school playground, but they get picked up and are inside their parent's truck, happy and warm.

As this nearly wordless picture book progresses, the ideas of in and out get expanded to the surprising, the hilarious and the heartwarming. Readers will enjoy trying to guess before the page-flip what exactly each in or out is referring to and take up the playful challenge to look more closely and not make assumptions. A clever picture book with minimal text for kids who enjoy puzzles and think outside the box.