Pickles vs. the Zombies

A house cat and her animal friends struggle to survive after the zombie apocalypse. Without humans to care for them or manage the world, they need to fight not only zombies, but also wild animals and, suddenly, wild former house pets.

The Y Chromosome

The Y Chromosome challenges the reader to meet an all-woman society of the future, where the few remaining men live in hiding. When one of these men is discovered, the resulting conflict threatens both worlds.

The Band of Merry Kids

Twelve-year-old Pip idolizes Robin Hood and dreams of becoming one of the Merry Men. But to everyone else, Pip is the son of Aldwin of Nottinghamshire, a seller of wool blankets.

Deep Girls

Short stories about girls and young women who, approaching adulthood, see their parents for the complex, flawed and vulnerable people they are.

A Secret Music

Lawrence knows in every fiber of his soul that he was meant to be a famous concert pianist, but the road to his pinnacle of success—performance on the stage at Carnegie Hall—is a steep and winding one, full of obstacles and family tragedy.

Celia's Song

The people of a small reserve on Canada's west coast grapple with a horrific crime, the result of inter-generational trauma caused by the residential school system, and overcome it by means of their traditions and own system of laws and punishment.

Claws of the Panda

For the last four decades, ever since Canada recognized the People's Republic of China, the government of that nation has been seeking to extend its influence in Canadian business and governance through covert means.

Earth and High Heaven

What happens when Erika Drake, protestant and of a wealthy family, falls in love with Marc Reiser, a young Jewish lawyer in anti-Semitic Montreal in 1944, set against the backdrop of the Second World War.

From Tolerance to Tyranny

A case study of how a diverse, multicultural society became an autocratic state. 1492 was the year that concluded the efforts of Ferdinand and Isabella to drive out all Jews and Muslims from Spain, forcing it to be a unified nation with one religion.

Molly O

A novel about a man's obsession with his missing sister and the alternative film star he believes she has become.

The Family Took Shape

A teenage girl describes her life in the Hindi community in Toronto, with a widowed mother, an autistic brother, and an auntie whose cooking show is something of a joke as she herself does not know how to cook.

The Pain Tree

In these ten stories, the great award-winning Olive Senior explores characters whose lives have been shaped, or twisted, by the African diaspora and centuries of colonization.