Baby Drag Queen

  • Pages:144
  • Publisher:Orca Book Publishers
  • Series: Orca Soundings
  • Themes:LGBTQ+, responsibility, transgender, acceptance, drag queens
  • Available:04/11/2023
  • Reading Level:2.9
  • Lexile:HL540L
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Transgender teen Ichiro enters a drag contest in hopes of earning enough money to live off the grid.

Ichiro is a transgender youth in his final year of high school. He has a job as a dishwasher to earn money to help support his single mother. But it's not enough. Ichiro dreams of buying a camper van for the two of them so they can escape and live off the grid and not have to worry about money anymore. A budding drag queen, he takes a second job performing drag at a local club and learns of an upcoming contest where the prize money would be enough to pay for a camper van. But nobody knows he does drag. So when some of his friends find out what he’s really doing in the evenings, Ichiro is worried about what they will think of him. Will they still accept him?

The epub edition of this title is fully accessible.

“Offers an ethnically diverse cast of queer characters navigating identity and emerging adulthood...Dramatic, optimistic, and emotionally engaging.”
– Kirkus Reviews
“With contemporary themes, relatable characters, and plenty of high school drama, this title is recommended for high school libraries.”
– School Library Journal
“It's not focused on being a drag queen, but instead it’s a story showing how queer, trans, and immigrant identities intersect, and how they can impact the lives of youth...Books like Baby Drag Queen, about queer, trans, and racialized experiences written by authors from within those communities are so important for youth to be able to access in collections…Recommended.”
– CM Magazine

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