Are We Having Fun Yet?

  • Illustrated By: Katy Dockrill
  • Pages:80
  • Publisher:Orca Book Publishers
  • Series: Orca Timeline
  • Themes:history of fun, recreation, leisure activities, amusement, happiness
  • Available:03/14/2023
  • Lexile:950L
  • Fountas & Pinnell Text Level Gradient:Y
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Humans have searched out fun for centuries.

Chariot races. Dueling crickets. Roller coasters. Rubik's Cubes. It seems we've always had a knack for finding interesting ways to have a good time. Of course, it wasn’t always that way. Our earliest ancestors had to worry more about survival than finding something to do in their free time. But as we evolved and daily living got a little easier, we began to think a bit more about entertainment.

In Are We Having Fun Yet?, readers follow the evolution of fun. It started simply, with storytelling by a fire. Soon it grew into activities like banquets, spectator sports, theater and fairs, to name just a few. Today huge theme parks attract thrill-seekers and people step into virtual worlds for fun. And that’s just scratching the surface. With things like virtual reality, fidget spinners and global phenomena like Pokémon Go, who knows what the future of fun will hold!

The epub edition of this title is fully accessible.

“Lively illustrations, color and historical photos, and "It's a Fact” sidebars supplement the text nicely…Enjoy this fun book full of fascinating information.”
– Booklist
“The strength of this title is its broad coverage which shows that fun is for people of all ages and is universal across cultures. Students will find this book informative and entertaining, too! Recommended.”
– School Library Connection
“Interesting and educational, and, like the variety of fun activities mentioned in the book, there is something here for everyone...A most enjoyable read! Highly Recommended.”
– CM: Canadian Review of Materials

“A timely reminder of how important fun is in our lives and the almost endless ways people throughout history have found to entertain themselves.”

– Canadian Children's Book Centre (CCBC) Canadian Children’s Book News

“…Another wonderfully presented nonfiction book…Full of color photographs [and] playful expressionistic illustrations…Older readers will enjoy utilizing this book for their own amusement or for research.”

– Children's Literature Comprehensive Database (CLCD)

“There's fun to be had in picking up this book and finding what sparks your interest.”

– Sal's Fiction Addiction

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