A Bend in the Breeze

  • Pages:220
  • Publisher:Cormorant Books
  • Themes:castaway, magic realism, legend, folk tale, isolated
  • Available:04/19/2022

When Pascale Chardon finds herself on a lifeboat drifting toward an uncharted island with no memory of how she got there, all she wants is to get back to her family. The islanders, however, have a different objective.

For many decades, the islanders have waited for someone foretold only as the Long Awaited. The Long Awaited is said to have knowledge of the islanders’ fate. At first Pascale is sure she’s not the Long Awaited, but when strange happenings occur, she finds it impossible to be certain of anything. Could she be the Long Awaited after all?

"… the narrative is gentle and well-written."
– CM Reviews
“It was everything I think a book should be and more. Every aspect of this book was incredible, from the cover to the very last page. It’s been a pleasure reading, and reviewing A Bend in the Breeze.”
– The Miramichi Reader
“Indeed, this book has much to like. As an adult, it was a pleasure to read a book for kids that delighted in language. … Personally, my favourite thing about this tale was its sense of wonder and effective use of magic realism.”
– Atlantic Books Today