Orca Book Distribution

Welcome to Orca Book Distribution. We're so glad you're here, and we look forward to working with you and getting your books out into the world! Please note that the information on this page is confidential and privileged.

Warehouses and Shipping

Warehouse Services and Fees
An overview of Orca's warehouse services and fees

Shipping Requests
Fill out a Shipping Request Form


Awards and Promotion

Awards and Pull Quotes 
A template for sending us your award and pull quote details  
Help us promote your books!


Metadata Guidelines, Deadlines and Definitions

Everything you need to know about providing your metadata to Orca

metadata deadlines


Contacts at Orca

Accounting: Amber Rider
amber@orcabook.com or accounts@orcabook.com
Questions about accounts and reporting

Inventory: Naomi Lee
Questions about inventory and shipping requests

Review Copy Mailings: Lisa Shaw
Questions about review copies and shipping requests

Media: Liam St. John
Questions about media hits, awards and digital ARCs

Metadata: Elizabeth Barker
Questions about metadata and monthly/seasonal deadlines

Retail Accounts: Jen Cameron
Questions about retail accounts (except Indigo, Amazon and Barnes & Noble)

Everything Else: Margaret Bryant
Questions about everything else, including if you're not sure who to contact