Valley of the Rats

  • Pages:240
  • Publisher:Cormorant Books
  • Themes:rat worship, Ladakh, anxiety, adventure, father and son
  • Pub Date:02/22/2022
  • Age Groups:Fiction Ages 9-12
$13.95 USD

Krish hates the outdoors, camping, and especially germs. When Krish and his father take a camping trip to Ladakh, he convinces himself they’ll bond, despite their differences.

When they’re lost in a bamboo forest teeming with black rats, and germs, Krish is at an all-time low. His gut feel and a couple of rats lead them to Imdur, a hidden village.

Krish and his father are allowed to stay, if they follow the rules. But when Krish and Kabir break the most sacred rule, the Imdura threaten to keep them there forever. Can Krish overcome his fears to save them?

“This story, with the main character's insecurities and favourite F-words, will amuse young readers. The information about rats will both horrify and fascinate readers as they watch how the relationship between Krish and his father changes when Krish learns to trust himself.” Highly recommended.

– CM: Canadian Review of Materials