Too Much Trash

  • Pages:48
  • Publisher:Orca Book Publishers
  • Series: Orca Footprints
  • Themes:garbage, STEM, environment, pollution, recycle
  • Available:05/16/2023
  • Lexile:1020L
  • Fountas & Pinnell Text Level Gradient:U
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Litter is not only an eyesore but a serious threat to animals and their habitats. We can all work together to keep the planet healthy and clean.

Did you know that gum on the sidewalk is litter? Even a banana peel that is thrown in a ditch is litter. Trash poses a threat to animals everywhere, including pets, farm animals and wildlife. They can get injured or trapped in the litter and even eat garbage that makes them sick.

In Too Much Trash: How Litter Is Hurting Animals, we discover how garbage ends up everywhere—from city streets and the wilderness to farmland and the ocean. But there's good news: litter is a problem everyone can help prevent. Around the world, kids and adults are finding ways to take out the trash. Find out how you can help clean up the planet for all species.

“Lively design layouts with discrete, digestible bits of text make the book accessible and inspiring. Showing how refuse harms humans and other animals, this work should move readers to act.”
– Kirkus Reviews
“This quick read will open your eyes to all the trash that we need to control…Impactful and timely. Recommended.”
– School Library Connection
“Will help young readers focus on not only making wise choices to help wildlife but also in taking action for a cleaner future for the world they will inherit. Highly Recommended.”
– CM: Canadian Review of Materials