The Golden Apples

  • Illustrated By: Ekaterina Khlebnikova
  • Pages:60
  • Publisher:Running the Goat
  • Themes:Folktales, quests, magical helpers, foxes, helpful animals
  • Pub Date:10/03/2023

Jack may be good at following recipes, but he’s not very good at following directions When his two older brothers fail to find the golden bird that made off with their father’s prized golden apples, Jack steps up for the job. But there are many challenges to be faced along the way; without the help of a fast and friendly fox, Jack just might not make it. With a smart princess who loves grunge rock, angry kings, magic animals, conniving siblings, and tempting casinos, this delightful re-mix of an old Cape Breton Jack tale seamlessly blends modern and ancient.

Acclaimed Canadian storyteller Dan Yashinsky brings wit and whimsy to this wonder tale. Ekaterina Khlebnikova’s brilliant illustrations blend old and new creating a gorgeous visual world; a perfect complement to Yashinsky’s re-telling. Together they serve up a book that will delight readers and listeners of all ages.