Hare B&B

  • Illustrated By: Bill Pechet
  • Pages:64
  • Publisher:Running the Goat
  • Themes:hares, bed & breakfast, self-reliance, justice, humour
  • Available:04/27/2021
  • Age Groups:Fiction Picture Book
After her parents are duped by a coyote who is a master of disguise, Harriet (“Harry” for short) and her seven younger siblings are left to fend for themselves. Their only resource is their parents’ now-empty bedroom, so Harry and her brothers and sisters open a “hare bed and breakfast.” It is a great success. Then, the coyote comes calling again and learns that revenge is a dish best served as breakfast.

Award-winning author Bill Richardson and acclaimed artist Bill Pechet join forces in this charming and hilarious tale about self-reliant young hares and a coyote who gets her comeuppance.
“Richardson’s witty wordplay might be the hook here, but readers will want to stick around for the satisfying molasses-and-feathering.”
– The Globe and Mail
“An amusing and very relevant cautionary tale.”
– Kirkus
“A little dark, a whole lot of clever and completely charming.”
– CanLit for LittleCanadians
“A reader’s first impression of “Hare B&B” is of how beautifully and insightfully integrated the words and pictures are. Even on the cover and the immediate inside pages the illustrations, playfully sketch-y and delicately coloured — are full of detail and underscore the joyful resilience of the story (its wordplay kicking off with the title). And what a story — it holds excellent life lessons and standards in a lightly “Series of Unfortunate Events” tenor.”
– The Telegram

“In this latest offering from highly-acclaimed author Bill Richardson, sly humour and subtle whimsy result in an offbeat tale of family love, hotel hijinks and crises averted (with molasses and feathers, no less).”

– Atlantic Books Today
Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver Canadian Picture Book Award   | 2021  |  Short-listed
CCBC Best Books for Kids & Teens   | 2021  |  Commended
The Globe 100   | 2021  |  Commended