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Fiction Picture Book
Pages: 32
Themes: independence, children, knowledge, power, strength, nature, instincts, survival skills
Publisher: Theytus Books Ltd.
Pub Date: 05/Feb/2019
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While picking berries with her mother, a little girl wanders too far into the woods. When she realizes she is lost, she begins to panic. A large grey wolf makes a sudden appearance between some distant trees. Using his sense of smell, he determines where she came from and decides to help her. Through a series of questions from the wolf, the little girl realizes she had the knowledge and skill to navigate herself—she just needed to remember that those abilities were there all along.

Kirkus Reviews—starred review
★ "It's got a worthy message for any reader to enjoy, and Indigenous and First Nations readers will especially connect with characters who nourish traditional ways of knowing while existing in an active, contemporary present. A tale about knowledge, power, and trust that reminds readers we used to speak with animals and still do—it already feels like a classic."
Glass of Wine, Glass of Milk blog
"What I like about this story so much is the way the wolf and girl demonstrate techniques for calming down to solve problems…The wolf also sets an example for parents; rather than solving the girl's problem for her, he provides support and assurance while encouraging her to apply her knowledge to a given situation."

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