The Cherokees Past and Present

  • Illustrated By: Shirley Simmons
  • Pages:32
  • Publisher:Book Publishing Company
  • Themes:Cherokee culture, Cherokee history, Cherokee reservations, Cherokee Nation, Cherokee alphabet
  • Available:06/01/1970
  • Age Groups:Adult Nonfiction
From the dates of significant events in Cherokee history to how their language evolved from pictographs to written syllables, this fascinating look at how the Cherokee originally lived covers all aspects: their foods, games, dwellings, clothing, crafts, weapons, tools, government and spirituality. Also included are a few Cherokee legends, a map of their original territory and reservation boundaries today, and what current life is like on the Cherokee Indian Reservation in North Carolina. Complete with a Cherokee glossary and complemented with full color illustrations and photos, the reader is shown an accurate portrait of a highly developed civilization.